The Athos Solar GmbH is a manufacturer-independent project developer of large-scale photovoltaic plants. Based in Heidelberg, we build plants throughout Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

Experienced and independent

With our team of experts, we have been active on the market for solar energy since 2009. In addition to our extensive technical knowledge, we have many years of experience in the commercial realization and supervision of project transactions. We carry out projects either on our own initiative or in close cooperation with a specific client. Upon request, we take over all development steps – from the selection of the optimal level of investment and the most advantageous structuring of the investment to the turnkey construction of the photovoltaic plant. If required, we subsequently maintain the photovoltaic plant on the basis of a service agreement.

Successful and profitable

It’s not just our PV plants that generate good returns. Also the annual net results of Athos Solar have been highly presentable right from the start. What’s good for our investors has a positive effect on our results as well. Therefore, we stand out distinctly on the market. Our company is stable and sustainable. Solid fixed assets and a healthy capital basis form the foundation for sustainable economic activity.

Financially healthy investor

Athos Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Weidenhammer-Group-Heidelberg (WGH).

The Weidenhammer-Group-Heidelberg has emerged primarily from the industrial origins of the former Weidenhammer Packaging Group. Following the disposal of the industrial activities in late 2014, the Weidenhammer-Group-Heidelberg has shifted its focus towards solar energy and real estate segments.

Together with this steady and financially healthy investor, we are able to make advance deliveries and to implement also major PV plants without external financing. Depending on interest, our completed plants either remain under the ownership of the Weidenhammer-Group-Heidelberg or are sold to a suitable buyer.