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    We develop and construct photovoltaic plants based on the strong conviction that solar energy is one of the most future-oriented energy concepts. This is especially true with regard to the ambitious goals that Germany has set itself within the framework of the “energy turn around” and climate protection. These goals can only be met by the consistent use of renewable energy sources. As a sustainable company in a sustainable industry, we take an active part in implementing the turnaround in energy policy and in preventing global warming.

    Positive ecological balance

    As numerous studies have confirmed over the past years, the ecological balance of solar plants is clearly positive. As early as two and half to three and a half years after its installation, a solar plant generates a higher amount of energy, than has been required for its production, depending on the quality of the silicon cells.

    Powerful, sustainable and profitable

    It is therefore, our aim to develop only photovoltaic plants that meet the highest standards with regard to quality and sustainability. The center of our attention is the long-term performance of our PV plants – the higher and durable their performance, the greater the contribution to climate protection. Due to our conviction, the future lies in this combination of ecology and economy. It ensures that renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources can be used in a sustainable manner, which also provides the best return for the end user.